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Chinese Forces Occupy Bhutan

July 10, 2009

Thimpu, Bhutan (Transcript of ENN television reporter, Kelly Crawford)

Troops disembark from Z-9a helicopter to take up positions on hill overlooking Thimpu  

The residents of Drukyul, which translates to literally mean 'land of the Thunder Dragon', awoke early this morning to hear sounds of thunder - man-made thunder that is, not from a dragon.  The People's Republic of China's Liberation Army marched across the border in what Beijing is calling an annexation of Bhutan. 

Using helicopters to move troops into the main population centers of Bhutan, the 'Liberation' Army moved quickly to crush Bhutan's centrally controlled government and its tiny military of less than 6,000 troops.

By the end of the first day, China's Army had complete control over 90% of the country's population centers and the remaining areas most likely will fall tomorrow as the advance continues. 

Chinese troops guarding access routes to the capital

Fighting appeared limited to the main cities and was reported to be light, although the fighting in Thimpu appeared to this reporter to be fierce as machine-gun fire and the sound of helicopters filled the air for most of the day. As night fell, the sound of gunfire diminished, although several sections of the city appeared to be on fire. 

A passing policeman reported that the Palace, Royal Bodyguards barracks, and central police station was on fire. Chinese soldiers have been seen guarding intersections and several patrols are moving on foot through the industrial sections of the city.

Reports are slowly trickling in from the other cities that tell the same story, though for the most part the fighting has been contained to the capitol. It is reported however, that more fighting has occurred in the city of Wangchuck where the main Bhutan military school is located. Sources say that the school is run by a Indian General and some other members of the Indian Army. At this moment I haven't been able to confirm that the school was the scene of fighting and how many have died. 

There has been no official Bhutan reaction on either the TV or radio, there are also no signs of the government representatives. It is possible that either they are all under arrest, dead, or have fled into the mountains.

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