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North Korea Tests Long Range Missile

July 10, 2009

Washington DC, United States (ENN  - Kelly Crawford)


Relations with North Korea continue to spiral downward following the latest missile test by North Korea, which saw a missile cross over Japanese skies and land in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii.

Various government agencies are continuing to monitor the situation but the State Department has run into a brick wall since the North Korean's demand the USA stop it's limited missile defense program and pull its troops out of South Korea. 

Several North Korean representatives have stated that if the American's give up their anti-missile program, the North Koreans will cease their long ranged missile tests.

A Pentagon source quipped that it would be 'a cold day in hell'  before the American defense program would be cancelled or the 37,000 soldiers in South Korea would be withdrawn.

Several protest marches have occurred in downtown Tokyo near the new North Korean embassy and police used tear gas to disperse the crowds.

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