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Israel and Syria Battle for Heights

July 10, 2009

Jerusalem, Israel
(ENN - Kelly Crawford)

Israeli AFVs take up position on the Golan Heights.


The almost constant state of war between Syria and Israel is starting to fray nerves throughout the region and the UN.

World leaders are still putting forth ideas on how to end the dispute but so far neither Israel or Syria is willing to listen as their military forces continue to clash in the Golan Heights region.

The current state of affairs is highly similar to the 'War of Attrition' between Israel and Egypt during the 60s. While it's not a full scale war there are still pitched aerial battles punctuated by the occasional land skirmish. 

So far almost all of the battles have lead to Israeli victories, although there have been some notable improvements in the Syrian armed forces stemming from what some Israeli sources say is American training during the Gulf War - Syria was a member of the Coalition Army that marched against Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and received American advisors and training prior to the Desert Storm campaign.

While Syria has lost the military confrontations, the Government still refuses to tone down it's language in the press. Inflamed statement after statement has rolled forth asking for assistance against the Israelis and calling for the Palestinians to continue they're uprising against the Zionists. Israel on the other hand have warned the Palestinians that any violence would cause 'severe consequences' for the trouble-maker. So far the Palestinian Authority hasn't responded to this statement but sources say that a response is soon coming while the PA hold meetings to decide a course of action.

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