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China Continues Crushing Bhutan / Indian PM Criticized for Inaction

August 1, 2009

Thimpu, Bhutan 

Smuggled video reportedly showing Chinese guards engaged in the "reeducation" of  Bhutan soldiers and partisans.

The last vestiges of the previous regime are being wiped away as the People's Republic of China (PRC) began the long process of annexation.

Communist Chinese Officers ordered the few foreign embassies to close and shift their operations to Beijing. Former members of the previous regime are being rounded up for corruption trials which will start within a month. Convictions in such trials generally result in the death penalty. Chinese soldiers are also passing out leaflets explaining that a election of a local communist party shall be conducted in six months time. 

The PRC reports they will be holding 'townhall meetings' shortly to educate the population regarding the laws of their new country. Most of the population seems just as oblivious to their fate as the rest of the world. 

With life returning to normal, shops have begun to open and the marketplace is once again filling with people looking to sell their goods. There is even some praise regarding the possibility that Bhutan will receive 'special economic status' similar to what Hong Kong received upon that city's return to communist China from the control of the United Kingdom.

However, Bhutan villagers reported heavy fighting on July 29 in a wooded valley near Thimpu, where Bhutanese leaders were rumored to be hiding out.  One jubilant tank crew talked of successfully giving the PLA "a bloody nose," before escaping their onslaught. China has clearly still not taken over the whole country, and distant gunfire and artillery is still a common sound among the more peaceful, rural areas of Bhutan. 

Few countries seem concerned over the fate of tiny Bhutan. So far there has been no major powers complaining about the annexation or moves from the UN Security Council where China is a full time member.

India's lack of response seems unusual given the close relations that India had with Bhutan. It is believed that Indian military personnel perished in the invasion as India runs a military school for Bhutan. While the PRC has denied encountering 'foreign troops' in their liberation of Bhutan, it is known that there was a short but fierce battle at the military school. The PRC ordered the immediate area closed off so no details were learned of this battle and the fate of the Indian soldiers there. 

New Delhi, India

Opposition leaders began mounting a campaign today against the current Prime Minister for his lack of response to the Chinese invasion of neighboring Bhutan.

Indian opposition party members attempt to rally support for P.M. no confidence vote.

Several major opposition leaders are demanding a vote of no confidence against the current Prime Minister as his government is apparently turning a blind eye against the invasion.

One leader is quoted as saying "Years of diplomacy and good relations with our brothers in Bhutan has come for naught. Our Prime Minister lacks courage and strength in the face of adversity. This path he has chosen is not for us or our great Nation." 

Another said "We should drive the Chinese out of Bhutan. It was we who called ourselves the rightful defenders of Bhutan, and now it seems it is we who shall let them down during their greatest need for us." 

Then there is the question about the Indian soldiers who were inside Bhutan acting as military advisors. None have returned and the PRC has rebuffed any questions regarding this matter, stating they have no knowledge of 'foreign' advisors or troops being in Bhutan at the time of their liberation and annexation.

Several wives of the missing advisors are on their way to the capital now to demand answers into the whereabouts of their husband soldiers. "Is the Prime Minister a coward?" One wife reportedly said to a growing crowd outside her residence.

Protest marches and demonstrations are being scheduled by the opposition leaders in an attempt to further their cause. Indian police and army units near the capitol have been placed on stand-by, in the event rioting breaks out.

( Kelly Crawford, ENN)

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