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China Announces New Leadership

September 1, 2009

Bejing, China (ENN)

Chinese flag raising at leadership ceremony

The world was caught off guard today with the sudden announcement from China that a new leader had been sworn in.  The former President of the People's Republic of China (PRC) was replaced by Senior V.P. Jin Hau Wai in an unannounced ceremony in Beijing. 

U.S. Intelligence sources admitted being surprised by the change and had a number of theories they were investigating.  A coup d'etat by either democratic proponents or more likely Communist hardliners is considered one of the more likely possibilities, however the official word from China is that the former President suffered a stroke and is in a Beijing hospital.

Little independent information is known about the new leader except that he is among the first generation of Chinese leaders with Western Education, having earned degrees in Canadian and Australian Universities.  A Chinese provided biography stated that his grandfather was a revolutionary and comrade of Chairman Mao, and his father is the former head of a weapon manufacturing company.  While his efforts are recognized as being instrumental in the modernization of the PLA - notably the acquisition of 1980s-era Russian military equipment - he is also regarded as being the chief architect of the open policy that China has adopted in recent years.

Civilians in Beijing appeared to either be stunned by the news or taking it in stride as activity has not noticeably changed from most other days.  Streets and markets are actually quieter than normal, possibly due to an increase in Police and Military presence in public gathering places.  Chinese newspapers gave the story front page coverage, but the announcement was brief and matter of fact, with no reasons given or any indication of how the change-over will affect the Country.   

The new President has announced to international media that there will be no major changes to his Country's open policy, but that "China will not tolerate any violation of her sovereignty or attempt to do so".

President Jin also claimed he would welcome the reinstatement of the Kingdom of Bhutan provided that "the treaty condition that obliged China to take such drastic action is fulfilled" and that his Government would "welcome constructive suggestions or mediators". He also condemned the embargo of Chinese goods by the United States and stated China may retaliate if the U.S. fails to respond to their request for a solution; adding that the U.S. people "will suffer more from such embargo, as China is well known for her self-sufficiency from the 18th Century."  Jin Hau Wai concluded by stressing the importance of peace not only in the region but also of the world.

Congratulatory messages from other world leaders have been trickling in throughout the day from primarily the smaller Eastern Asian Countries. Few Western or democratic leaders have addressed this development, neither to congratulate nor to condemn the new government, seeming to take a "wait and see" attitude before committing themselves.

( Editor, ENN)

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