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Israel Strikes Against Targets in Syria

October 1, 2009

Tel Aviv Israel (ENN)

Israel military forces went into action again, launching a series of strikes over several days, hitting Syrian and foreign military forces inside Syria.

Unlike the previous air attacks, which saw aircraft with Libyan markings ambush one Israeli strike and nearly annihilated the Israeli force, these went off without a hitch. Israel hit SAMs, airfields, and ground forces (Including a Iraqi division that had crossed over the border into Syria to aid the Syrians).

Israel seems intent to destroy the entire Syrian military threat along with anyone else who helps Syria. The following is a statement given to the media by Israel:

Just recently our airforce engaged Syrian positions and airfields. This attack was necessary to ensure the safety of our people.  We had signs of a buildup of other foreign forces in Syria. Our attack proved we were right.

We have eliminated the chances for the Syrians and their allies to attack our country again in the near future. Let this be a warning for those who have hostile feelings against the State of Israel!

Though we are always open for any serious negotiations regarding peace,we remain vigilant and prepared to defend ourselves. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims.

With the aid from Libya and Iraq, fears of the current hostilities spreading even further seems to have materialized in full force. Where this will lead to is anyone's guess, though many have said that once Israel wipes out the threat, 'peace will return to the region'.

Syria on the other hand, is showing no signs of backing down from their previous threats and hostile stance against Israel and Israeli targets.

Kelly Crawford (ENN)

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