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Angola Fortifies Positions in Namibia

November 10, 2009

Namibia --  Unconfirmed sources indicate that Angola's military units inside Namibia are digging in along the 100 mile track of land they carved out following their invasion of that country.  Sources state the soldiers are constructing fortified positions, laying minefields, and setting up checkpoints around the lucrative diamond mines that were seized.  Namibia's military lacked the strength to oppose the initial invasion and is only now conducting limited raids on very weak enemy positions.

Angolan troops rest by defensive position near protected diamond mine

UN condemnation and pressure continues, but for now Angola's leader, General Yuhu, seems to be turning a blind eye and deaf ear to these protests.  With control of the diamond mines, General Yuhu has promised his people a new beginning for a brighter future.

The loss of the diamond mines will cause Namibia to face severe economic losses in the near future.  Experts predict severe budget shortfalls that could result in food, power, and medical shortages that might spell disaster for the Namibian people.

Kelly Crawford (ENN)

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