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Argentine President Addresses Nation following Malvinas Victory

December 31, 2009

Excerpts from a speech by Diablo Del Fuego 

Argentine Pres addressing nation

Argentine President televised address to nation and British people

Now that the blood of our sons, brothers, and fathers has flowed into the pastures and hills of the Malvinas, no one can doubt that the islands are, always have been, and forever will be part of Argentina. 

To the sons of Argentina who’s toil, courage, and skill have won us our due pride and dignity, I salute you.  You have accomplished a great thing.  All Argentines owe you a debt of gratitude for restoring our national honor at such risk and cost to yourselves.  You have liberated, decisively and forever, the soil of Argentina that was usurped so long ago.  Thank you. 

To those who lost a loved one, our proud nation mourns with you.  We can never repay the debt we have incurred by your sacrifice. 

To the brave warriors of Britain:  Your courage and skill will never be doubted by anyone.  There is honor and glory to be found even in defeat.  You have done your country proud.  Unfortunately for you, the victory is not yours. 

To the nation of Britain:  From this day forward, Argentina bears you no ill will.  We understand that your belief that the Malvinas were British territory was held in good faith.  We do not resent it.  Unfortunately for you, your belief was false.  And so, you lost. 

We now look forward to the repatriation of the islands.  All British families who have lived on our stolen land will be given free passage to Britain.  We will offer some compensation for the land and property which they must leave behind.  But, leave they must. 

As the invaders leave for their true homes in the North Atlantic, we will make land and property available for true Argentines to resettle the islands.  The Minister of the Interior will announce the details of the plan later.  Rest assured that the process will bear up to the closest scrutiny for fairness, integrity, and honesty.  The workers of Argentina brought this government to power because they trust us.  We will not violate that trust through dishonest dealings now. 

Argentina must now rebuild the military.  This glorious victory has not come without cost, both human and material.  We must implement what we have learned from this conflict as we plan for the future defense of our homes.  Our South American neighbors must understand that we wish them no ill will either.  As long as they behave and stay on their side of our borders, there will be no conflict with them. 

We also have a domestic agenda to pursue.  The communist party will present a new post-war plan for the continuing transformation of the economy.  This plan must take into account the new international dynamic in which Argentine foreign trade will take place.  The workers of Argentina will never again be desgraciados as well as descamisados.  We will build wealth for all Argentines, equally, honestly, with pride, and with no tolerance for capitalist abuses.  All will contribute what they can and take no more than they need. 

Thank you, my people.  I am proud to be your humble servant.

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