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New Wave of Contra Attacks in Honduras

December 31, 2009

Tegucigapla, Honduras - Pressure is mounting rapidly here in the capital against the American backed Honduran President following a series of deadly ambushes by Contra leftist guerrillas. The attacks occurred in Cedros in the Francisco Morazan province, not far from the capital.  

The ambushes have created a credibility problem for the Honduran President, who spoke confidently of a victory over the Contras in the near future in a local radio broadcast. That very broadcast turned to static midway when a group of Contras destroyed the transmitting tower with an explosive device that was obviously timed to interrupt the speech.  Other utilities and communications centers were attacked at about the same time, sources say. 

Without a victory soon, the Honduran public may lose confidence in the government's leadership and the Honduran President could possibly face a 'vote of no confidence' and be forced from power. 

Gov't soldier posing by chopper

Government soldier posing next to helicopter before a search & destroy mission against the Contras

The Contra's are fighting a vigorous guerrilla war with the alleged aid of Cuban supplies and advisors who are long known for their cunning and well prepared attacks.  The Contra's move from place to place to keep from being surrounded by their numerically superior enemy.  Such tactics are hard to counter and the Contra's are banking their future upon that fact alone. Most military analysts believe that as long as they keep receiving supplies that they can continue to wreak havoc indefinitely. 

Even short lived Contra victories could prove to be disastrous to US foreign policy for the entire region as other Latin American countries look on -- many of whom have Leftist factions that appeal to the poorer segments of the population.  The recent victory of Argentina over the British at the Falklands only added to the growing interest for the leftist movements in these countries.  The American Secretary of State may be asked by the President to take time out from his schedule to make an emergency goodwill tour of Central and South America in an effort to shore up US interests. At the moment US advisors and their Honduran counterparts are busy restoring damaged or destroyed communication links before restarting the offensive against the Contras. 

Sources close to the US administration state that the USA will give the Honduran President 100% backing in dealing with this latest series of setbacks.  What form that will take remains to be seen but given the state of the Honduran military following these decisive ambushes, it has to be massive to build up their morale and fighting spirit.  The White House has said it will be meeting with its various advisors and military staff this week to decide the best course of action.

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