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Paratroop and Amphibious 
Attacks at Adonya 

Russian Paradrops Reported Across Norway

January 1, 2010

International and local news agencies, along with Norwegian police and military units, have received hundreds of phone calls from civilians reporting parachute drops across the country.

The most detailed reports have come from the Andoya area, where the reports of parachutists have been mixed with calls of a possible amphibious landing. Some civilians have witnessed a battle being fought on an island near the Andoya airbase, and claim at least two large fireballs near the shoreline at around 00:25 am local time. One caller, a member of the Norwegian homeguard, stated the explosions seemed close to permanent defensive fortresses which he guessed may have been hit by fuel-air explosive bombs or perhaps with napalm.

Additional shortwave radio reports from villagers claiming to live near Norwegian army barracks described large fires and explosions inside the base about 5 minutes later. Many heard low flying aircraft just prior to a series of small explosions, indicating the attack may have been carried out with cluster bomb munitions. Nearby residents brave enough to venture outside their homes described hearing - and occasionally seeing - planes low in the sky, and believed some may have crashed or been shot down by Norwegian air defenses.

As that air activity was in progress, and about 20 minutes after the initial reports of an amphibious attack near the base, villagers reported seeing parachutes in the sky illuminated by fires and explosions below. This was followed almost immediately by the sounds of increased fighting - including helicopters and other vehicles - on the shores just east of the Andya military base.

The final reports from this area were from civilians who tried to flee the fighting, but discovered a police roadblock at the causeway bridge connecting Andoya to Harstad. They were told the bridge had been attacked and damaged, but not informed as to whether the bridge had been rendered completely impassable or merely limited to military traffic.

The Following Areas Also Report Enemy Paradrop Activity:

The Alta airbase suffered a missile attack that caused unknown damage, but sources report its military garrison is still largely intact.

Banak was the scene of surprise airstrikes that destroyed a number of buildings and personnel. One large aircraft was seen plummeting from the sky not long afterwards, and within the past hour surviving Norwegian troops from the base claimed it had fallen to a large contingent of Russian forces.

Bardufoss also appears to be under attack by ground forces at this time. Some earlier airstrikes reportedly had little effect on the base defenses but large scale airdrops were seen taking place about 10 kms away. Just minutes ago, ENN received reports from civilians living nearby who are hearing signs that ground forces may have come into contact with the Norwegian defenders. 

A dramatic report came out of the Evenes airport where a missile attack caught both civilians and military personnel by surprise. A woman wounded in that attack used a cell phone to contact her brother who works at a local radio station and she was put on the air live. She described the carnage that followed the missile strike and then described how the airport security forces were being overwhelmed by enemy troops and then forced to fall back, leaving the wounded behind. Before the line went dead, the woman reported seeing a number of Norwegian helicopters lift off, with two of them being shot down before the rest escaped. The last sounds heard from the woman's cell phone - broadcast over the radio to a stunned nation - were foreign voices shouting orders and the sound of gunfire.

At the isolated Jan Mayen airport, staff who managed to evacuate the airfield reported both it and the weather station had fallen to Russian troops.

Near Kirkenes, residents close to the airport have seen fires and aircraft wreckage. Attempts to phone airport staff went unanswered and it is believed it is completely out of commission. 

Sources at Narvik reported taking some damage from an attack, but no further details were released.

Although information is sketchy, an attack at Parsangmoen has apparently caused great damage to the facilities and a large number of military armor vehicles.

A large scale attack seems to be taking place on Tromso Island and the mainland nearby. Witness claims indicate over one hundred paratroopers have landed at Tromso Lufthavn, the civilian airport on the west side of Tromso Island. That airport has apparently fallen to the Russians as has a causeway leading into Gimle from the west. However the Russian units there came under withering artillery fire, likely originating from the 150 mm coastal guns at the Storsteinen fortress. It is unknown how many casualties the Russians may have suffered in that attack, and witnesses were surprise when the artillery barrage stopped abruptly less than 10 minutes after its start. Attempts to contact the Storsteinen fortress garrison by phone were unsuccessful, but an individual who answered at the nearby Tromso's Myreng seaport stated enemy forces had also attacked the port but were repelled. That witness added that Norwegian reinforcements were already beginning to arrive.

More details will be provided as they become available...

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